Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are we offering web sites at such low prices?
HighValueWeb is a subdivision of SentiMedia, a digital marketing and internet technology company. Their bread and butter business is to provide our customers with digital marketing and web site services, but before They can do that, our customers must have a web site. We are confident that every customer who is satisfied with our level of service and commitment to quality will also want to enjoy the services that SentiMedia provides.

Do we have to sign any contract or purchase any other service?
No, there is absolutely no obligation beyond your initial web site. We encourage you to enjoy our other services if you are pleased with site.

Is HighValueWeb losing money creating sites?
Yes, in accordance to market value we are losing money with every site that we create, however, without a web site it becomes difficult for us to serve you in other ways. We offer our initial service at a discount so that we may offer you our other wide range of services.

Do we know anything that other companies don't?
Yes, most small internet companies don't have the systematic approach and industry experience that we have. We are able to create a custom made professional site in half the time it takes other companies. We also know that most anyone can afford and would be happy to pay for a site.

How fast can I expect my site?
Most people could receive their site in one day, however, our customers usually take a few days to make their decisions about colors, art, schemes, etc. If you know exactly what you want, the process is very fast.

Can I get more than one site?
Yes, there currently is no limit on the amount of sites you can purchase. This is ideal for organizations with more than one location and also franchises.